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Headcannons, feels, blubbering stupid, I like a lot of games, tv shows, movies, etc and I invest a lot of emotion into them. This is where I will put that emotion cuz I'm too shy to put it on my main.

Is there seriously Marco hate because some fans want him to somehow be alive and some ship him with Jean?
Because you find it annoying. Because you feel people are making Marco out to just be for Jean’s romance?

What is wrong with you people? The hate is what makes a fandom bad. The hate towards each other is sickening. IF IT BUGS YOU SO MUCH THEN WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT IT? MOVE ON. This is why we can’t have nice fandoms.


Can’t we just ONCE accept everyone’s ships and likes and not bully and pick at them?

tl;dr: shut up with the hate on a tag people go to to see the character, not your nasty bitching.

Can the SnK/AoT fandom grow up please?

and an fyi, some of us love Marco as a character on his own. NOT as Jean’s character development/lover.

We also need more Varrick and General Iroh in this season.

In other thoughts, I have been so happy with the lack of romance with the Korra/Mako/Asami nonsense. Grows nervous the moment it’s brought up. I didn’t come to this to watch the most awkward love triangle that has been beaten into the ground. I also don’t like Mako with either of them buuuuuut. Prays that is the last we will hear of it for a LONG while. Or again. That’d be nice.

swear to god if Tenzin is dead I will just…

So I had this reeaaally detailed dream. Feel it would make like, a good dating sim game? But I dunno the first thing about making one so I’ll just type it up! It’s JeanMarco~ Not detailed enough to be a fanfic but would be a cute AU~

putting read more now cuz don’t wanna hog the tag ;o;

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